monotony is a virtue, repetition is a strength, practice makes progress (2015) Göteborgs Konsthall Sweden 2015
Text installation/performance. Black marker pen on wall. 10 x 6 meters.
I was present in the exhibition Wednesdays - Fridays from 1 p.m to 3 p.m between 21 February to 20 March and wrote the above sentences with a marker pen directly on the wall.

durch, für, gegen, ohne, um (2013)
Text installation at Glogauer AIR Berlin Germany.
Marker pen directly on to concrete wall. 3 x 4 meters.


202 sheets of A4 papers, marker pen, tape.

The Wapping project Berlin AIR 2015
The aim of the residency was to provide a period of rest and reflection for the artist.
It was a condition that NO work would be produced during the10 weeks.

TUTTO (2016)
384 post it notes, marker pen.
Installation produced during artist residency at Villa San Michele, Capri Italy 2016
Location: The Atrium

Project started in 2013

A/more (2013)

Text installation at Palazzo Rinaldi artist residency, Noepoli Italy 2013
During three weeks I wrote the word more on A4 papers, picked out the best ones and put them together with the letter A on my bedroom wall.

All this for what. Text installation and video performance. Galleri 21 Malmö Sweden 2016
1467 handwritten A4 sheet. In the inner room: video performance Head (2012).


All this for what. Neon/object (2017)
152 x 26 cm
ART ABOVE ALL. Textinstallation Dunkers kulturhus Helsingborg Sweden 2017
1044 handwritten A4 sheets stating ART ABOVE and ALL mounted in a schematic pattern against sky-blue colored wall.
4,5 meters x 27 meters.
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