Dunkers kulturhus Helsingborg Sweden
Feb 18 - May 14 2017

This spring 2017 Dunkers kulturhus proudly presents ART ABOVE ALL, one of the largest solo exhibitions of Dana Sederowsky’s work to date.
Employing repetition and monotony as her artistic tools, Sederowsky investigates and effectively expresses the various dimensions of being human, often utilizing a forceful, bizarre and tragicomic approach. She addresses human psychology, the various nuances and connotations of language, as well as life’s apparent meaninglessness.

Dana Sederowsky directs as well as acts in her works according to her own strict system of rules. Her art is concerned with time, repetition, and human limitations.
One central thought is the inevitable struggles and failures that instigate growth in our lives. ART ABOVE ALL includes several newly created artworks that are in direct dialogue with her previous works in addition to The Writer, a unique performance and installation where Dana Sederowsky is immersed in a task during specific hours at the gallery.

Her video-performance project Special Announcements began in 2006 and is still ongoing. The exhibition includes five new thought-provoking messages that complement the existing ones. In recent years Sederowsky’s work has been increasingly focused on handwritten words. ART ABOVE ALL is a site-specific text installation with the same title as the exhibition.
In this work three words build various meanings depending on how one reads them. This is a poetic, organic system totally dedicated to art.

Charlotta Jönsson, Curator and Exhibition Producer


ART ABOVE ALL. Text installation (2017)
4,5 meters x 27 meters
1044 handwritten A4 sheets stating ART ABOVE and ALL mounted in a schematic patten reminiscent of the periodic table, against a sky-blue colored wall.
The words could be read diagonally, vertically and horizontally creating new sentences of varying meanings.
Walk (2017)
Duration: 16:00 min
Video installation HD 16:9 scale 1:1
5,60 x 2,20 meters
link to excerpt

Special Announcements 2006 - 2016
A selection of 12 works shown on 7 projections in a strict dramaturgic system
in terms of length, content and rhythm. Total duration: 12:00 min loop.

Special Announcement: Politics (2006) 01:40min. Mini dv, 4:3 format
Special Announcement: Solitude (2006) 01:40 min. Mini dv, 4:3 format
Special Announcements Edition Two: Stucked (2007) 00:40 min. Mini dv, 4:3 format
Special Announcements Edition Two: Good News! (2007) 00:40 min. Mini dv, 4:3 format
Special Announcements Edition Two: Thinking
(2007) 02:00min. Mini dv, 4:3 format
Hasselblad Announcements (part of triptych) (2010) 01:30 min HD, 16:9 format
Special Announcement: Background (2010) 00:50 min HD, 16:9 format
Special Announcement: Mouth (2016) 00:13 min HD, 16:9 format
Special Announcement: Hey Man! (2016) 00:10 min HD, 16:9 format
Special Announcement: A Committee (2016) 00:10 min HD, 16:9 format
Special Announcement: All This (2016) 00:14 min HD, 16:9 format
Special Announcement: The Exit (2016) 01:00 min HD, 16:9 format


link to the project
video documentation
The Writer (2017)
live performance and installation
2 March - 30 March 2017

At fixed times Sederowsky is present in the exhibition hall absorbed in her work. Her work periods occupy three hours twice a week for the space of a month.
She sits at a desk while enclosed in a 3 x 3 meter claustrophobic glass cage. She writes, the words are censored and, from time to time, she crumbles up a sheet of paper and expresses her irritation by throwing it away. The glass cage gradually fills up with crumpled pieces of paper and finally, both figuratively and literally, the writer-artist is engulfed by the texts she has rejected.

Artist´s Book: monotony repetition practice (2016)
Handwritten text, scanned scale 1:1 folded into a leporello measuring 10,8 m

Head (2012) Video installation
Duration 15:00 min loop HD 16:9 format
Black Knot # 1-8 (2013)
Photography 100x140 cm
Archival pigment prints in edition of 6 (+ 2 AP)

Help (1995)
video performance
03:05 min, no sound
Hi 8, 4:3 format


All this for what (2016)
neon object
152 x 26 cm
Thomas Millroth review Sydsvenskan
All documentation photos: Dunkers kulturhus & Sederowsky/private
Catalogue in Swedish & English
text by Sara Arvidsson