In the project Dana Aid we have been able to follow a nurse (who calls herself Doctor), a stylized character that has nothing to do with healthcare, but nonetheless in her capacity as a (self-advertised) doctor has gained authority and trust, and is in a position to use this advantage.
The figure has been constructed by Dana Sederowsky since 1998 according to specific dramaturgical rules in photographis series, video performance works and live performance.


Capri 2005
New York 1998
live performance:


Beelitz Heilstätten 2013
video performance:
Ahmadinejad says: run! 2008
Capri 2005
I don´t feel like telling you anything 2005
I am all for! 2005
Get me the hell out of this boredom 2003
I am so sorry - I don´t care 2001
Let´s just get this straight 1999
Help 1995
Sub Bau Göteborg 1998
Dunkers Kulturhus Helsingborg 2004
L.A Art International Biennale, U.S.A 1999
The project started in 1998