Clip from Head (2012 )
Duration 15:00 min loop

Photograph 40x60 cm in edition of 10 available of Head.

Clip from Arms (2012)
Duration 15:00 min

Installation "durch, für, gegen, ohne um" (2013)
5 CRT TV monitors, DVD players, black podiums, cables, stones.

The installation is a monument at breaking point.
All weighed down by stones and entangled, held together by cables.
In neverending loops five new video performance rituals are performed, as always with the artist herself in front of the camera.
With this work Sederowsky wants to investigate grief and isolation by acting out different monotone endurance tasks, linguistic repetition exercises and an attempt to focus.


The project D.E.A.D is about persistence and about the grieving process.
Sederowsky attempts to translate the emotions into an artistic process.
The work also touches upon perseverance, the difficulty of enduring and the unspoken expectation of keeping up appearances for those around us.
The sound emanating from the video works Head and Arms consists of a dull and monotonous bass frequency that is perceived not only aurally but also instinctively and physically by the body


Scala Fenicia, Capri (2012) performance
Black Knot # 1- 8 photographs (2013)
Clip from Bubble wrap (2013)
Total duration: 05:24 min
Clip from durch, für, gegen, ohne, um (2013)
Total duration: 05:40 min
Skeleton (2013)
Duration: 00:24 min
The End (2013)
Duration: 00:30 min
Circle (2012)
click videos
Project started in 2012