Dana Sederowsky (Sweden)
300m3 Artspace Göteborg Sweden

"Special Announcements"

Video installations
April 30th - May 3rd 2009

Dana Sederowsky works with video performance and photography.
She is working with two ongoing projects.
The video performanceproject Special Announcements, which started in
2006 and the photography and video project Dana Aid started in 1998.
As an artist she works solely with herself and her own body. It is her
determined choice to be autonomous and solitary.
Nothing in her work is accidental. It it calculated and strictly
directed. Sederowsky investigates language through
linguistic excercises, speech-acts and fonological experiments, focusing
on the process of using speech and how words are delivered directly in
the face of the viewer. She investigates language not simply as a means
of communication but also as a poetic and formal device.


Special Announcements Edition Four
miniature monitor